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Monday, October 26, 2009

Here’s a short video of a Swedish guy explaining some of the finer points of the Swedish Language.

I thought it might help me to understand things a little better, but, it’s just confused the heck out of me. The en/ett singular plural business is just stuuuuupid.

Hopefully it’ll all become clear when I start my SFI course (Swedish For Immigrants) in a few weeks. If not, then I’ll just have to move to another country and try to learn that language instead. America maybe?! 🙂

OK well, not sure if you’ll find the clip funny, but I thought it was mildly amusing.

(The end).

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  1. janerowena says:

    I loved the video!

    Plaese write some more blog, I have been really enjoying it – what has happened to you?

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