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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Unfortunately, because I’ve been trying to get over this rotten cold thing, I’ve been trying to force myself to stay on the sofa and rest up / keep warm and all other such brain-numbingly boring (none-)activities for the past couple of days. I’m not sure it’s working though, as I see little improvement. I won’t bore the liver out of you with the details, enough to say that not a lot has happened to blog about….

So, I thought I’d share this short video clip instead.

I was playing the piano pre-sickness the other day whilst I waited for some paint to dry on the dormer window. The previous owners of the house left the piano behind, and it’s fantastically out of tune, to the point of being quite charming in a funny old way. Apparently nobody in the family could play it, so it’s just had years of the kids banging on it with flat hands, and then been sat there, un-played and un-loved. I doubt it’s of any value, and suspect it’s been out of tune and unkept for so long that it would never now be worth doing anything with, other than enjoying it for it’s bad qualities.

I was completely unaware that whilst improvising this bit of rubbish on the piano, I was being recorded, on Dave’s mobile phone camera. Grrrr. I would usually delete something like this as soon as I became aware of it, but, I thought it would be funny to share since it shows a little of the boxes and rubbish in the room that are probably going to be there well into next year, and lets you hear the ‘honky-tonk’ qualities of the piano! A little different from the piano I recently sold before moving…

If you look closely, at the bottom of the video, you can also see Milly, my border collie. She’s cleaning herself like a cat, after getting her paws dirty from being outside. Such a clean dog. Unlike Cassie, the Bichon Frise, who would prefer to be constantly covered in animal excreta (the smellier the better) and general soil / muck twenty-four hours per day!

Well, hopefully I’ll be doing something more interesting when this cold leaves me and I get back to house renovating and discovering the delights of Skåna (south Sweden).

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  1. Franny says:

    bless ya…knew you’d get a cold didn’t you?? is a swedish cold different to a derbyshire one?? how’s the doggies getting on?? love you loads – love to DTB x

  2. admin says:

    Hi Fanny, Yeah I knew I’d get a cold. Sure as eggs is eggs etc. Swedish cold defo feels worse than a Derbyshire one, Ja for sure! But I’ll survive. Just over doing the outdoor work and not allowing myself to fight off the germs. That’ll ‘learn’ me eh!?

    Dogs are doing just great. Cassie learned today how to escape from the garden, so now I’m thinking it’s time for a fence before she ends up on the road! Either that or a long lead!!


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