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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some time ago I wrote a short blog with my top ten reasons for why someone might want to emigrate from the UK to Sweden. I mentioned that I didn’t really think that one reason would be because of Sweden’s wonderful nature… essentially because the UK has it’s own very special wildlife and landscapes that are just as impressive.

One thing I didn’t count on though was the benefits of living out in the countryside… and the opportunity to see wildlife literally on your doorstep.

Just a moment ago, I spotted a hare hop in front of the kitchen window. Just 5 meters from the house. He looked around a little, then continued on his way into the field opposite. It was soooo refreshing to see. Living in a town all my life, this sort of thing has never happened before. Okay I am used to seeing garden birds pop in for a few minutes, and perhaps a hedgehog or maybe even a toad, but never before a wild hare.

On the bird side of things, I was amazed to find that pheasants just roam around here without a care in the world. Usually in groups, they just wonder in and out of the garden, plodding along, minding their own business. Seeing these in the garden has almost become ‘normal’ in the few months I’ve lived here. Not quite so normal, but equally exciting for me to see, was a huuuuuge bird of prey of some sort. A couple of weeks ago I was walking the dogs around the house when I spotted about 40 meters away up in a tree, an extremely large bird. As we approached, it was scared off, and the size of the thing really became clear as its wings unfolded and it took flight. I can’t be sure, but it looked like the wing span was well over a meter and it had a beak that made it look like an eagle. I’m no bird spotter so I’ve not a clue what it was, but I’d be pretty certain it was some sort of ‘bird of prey’.

Just as I was scribbling this blog post, Dave told me that Petra (a friend of the family) was in our kitchen the other morning, and saw a deer in the garden. Now if I had seen it, I think I would be telling everyone! But perhaps for her it was normal? I don’t know… but it seems odd that I only just found out about it because I happened to be writing this blog. A DEER IN MYGARDEN! Wow. I think I might have even been tempted to phone the local news reporter. Haha.

Oh well. So there you go. A lovely unexpected benefit of our move to Sweden… to see nature at it’s best without having to shift off the sofa. Perfect.

Next on my list of things I want to see is the famous Swedish Moose or Elk whichever you prefer to call it. I did have that, and the Wild Boar on my list, but I saw a Wild Boar just a few weeks ago whilst driving home from school. I have not yet however seem a Moose though, so fingers crossed one pops his head around the corner soon. Well not literally. I believe they are quite dangerous if too close, so I think it would be better if I just see one whilst out in the car so I can speed away if I need to.

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