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Thursday, October 22, 2009

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I’ve just returned from a three hour presentation / lecture for New Business Start-ups. Not the most stimulating of subjects? True. But, consider this… the whole thing was in Swedish!! Therefore after, “Hej, välkommen” [hello, welcome], I was lost.

The worse thing was that as well as being bored out of my brains, the room was well lit, I was on the third row in full view of the speakers, and, they were asking questions of people!! I had to therefore keep my eyes open, stop fiddling with my mobile, and look like I was listening enough, but, not too much so that I didn’t look too ‘keen’ and get asked any questions. How embarrassing would that have been? To be asked a question two thirds of the way through the presentation, for me to reply, “Sorry, I’m English, I haven’t understood a word you’ve been saying for the past 2 hours”.

So, I’m wondering, does anyone know how I can get back that three hours of my life? Time travel? Just go to bed three hours later than usual tonight? Not sure, but, I know one thing. If I’m asked to attend something like that in future, I’ll make sure I’ve at least got some dark sun glasses on to disguise the fact that I’m snoozing, or, sit at the back and ask for the lights to be dimmed.

Dave’s signed up to 15 hours of the next course, small business accounting. I’ve not.


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