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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I was just driving home thinking to myself what a lovely night it was. The sky was all red as the sun was just setting over the hills in Skåna, south Sweden…. when I saw a large brown animal. Hairy on the back, and very stocky. At first, I couldn’t see what it was, then as I got a little closer I realised it was indeed a wild boar!

I was traveling fairly fast, so I didn’t have much time to think, and as I started to get within 50 metres of it, then it must have heard the my car and started to move. Strangely instead of running away from the road, the boar ran alongside it… so for one or two seconds, it was only about 5 or 10 metres away from my moving car. By this time I’d slowed down, and I quickly tried to get a photo of the creature on my mobile phone. Sadly, mobile phones take time to get themselves ready for photography mode, and as such, by the time my phone was ready… the thing had almost gone.

For the sake of it, here’s the image of the wild boar in the field.

Wild Boar Sweden

Can you see it? Toward the left, about half way down, in the field. It’s actually quite blurred because by the time my mobile phone snapped the photo it was running fairly quick. You can’t really see the scale of it from this photo either, but, believe me he was big. I couldn’t be sure but it looked BIG. According to some research I just did, the males are generally about 150 to 200kg! I am guessing it was a male, because male wild boar generally live alone, and this guy was alone!

This (on the left) is what a wild boar is supposed to look like. Although I thought the one I saw was brown, and had more hair on the back on the neck… and photographs never give a true idea of scale, but the one I saw looked bigger too!

wild boar sign1They’re supposed to be extremely dangerous should you have the misfortune to come across them whilst out on a walk. But also, they’re increasingly a problem for drivers in Sweden. Apparently in 2005, there were 987 car accidents reported as being caused by wild boar on the road in Sweden. The population of wild boar is growing fast, estimated at 13% increase per year… so now as well as the much recognized Elk warning signs at the roadside, wild boar signs are becoming commonplace in Sweden. There’s a warning road sign for wild boar about two minutes down the road from my house… in fact, probably about 200 metres from where I saw the wild boar above!

So there you go. Sorry my photograph wasn’t any better. I did turn around and drive back to look for it, but, it must have run back into the woodland because there was no sign of him. I image it’s quite rare to just seem them out in the open field like that, so clearly, so I’m really kicking myself that I didn’t have my SLR camera in the car to take some quick snaps, and with a proper zoom.Oh well. Maybe I will try to keep the camera in the car in future, because I want to try and find an Elk to take pictures of. Although, I guess it’s an even more rare occasion to see one of those at the roadside?!

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  1. Louisa says:

    Wow you were really lucky to see one of those luv… only thing I see round here are big crows and magpies ;0) Really enjoy reading your blog x

  2. mark says:

    wow where about in skåne was this ? was it near åstorp ?

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