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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today was a ‘no work’ day. Nothing to do with DIY, house, garden, or work related activities allowed. Just time to chill and relax a bit. And give the dogs some much needed attention and fun.

So we went off to a great place called “Söderåsen”. This is a national park, less than 20 minutes drive from our house. According to the leaflet, which was helpfully had an English printed version,

“Söderåsen’s varied landscape offers broad vistas, steeply plunging slopes, dense board-leaved woods and rushing waters”.

And it didn’t disappoint.

Even on a gray gloomy autumnal day, the colours of the forest were fantastic, and the paths were free from puddles and sludge so that dogs managed to stay pretty clean considering!  In fact, for you Chesterfield people, a lot of the areas reminded me of Linacre woods!! Which we spent many many hours walking round and enjoying with the dogs. So now we’ve found our own large scale Linacre woods here in Sweden.

I managed to snap a few photos on my mobile phone whilst walking round.

soderasen walk 1

soderasen walk 2

soderasen walk 3

soderasen walk 4

soderasen walk 5

soderasen walk 6

soderasen walk 7

Today’s walk was really great. The dogs are shattered. I feel like I’ve got some nice fresh air into my lungs. And I know that we only walked around a small part of the area, so there’s plenty more walks to find there in future weeks. Great. Love finding little treasures like this…

He’s to plenty more walks in Söderåsen.

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  1. franny b says:

    it looks larvely, and i see what you mean about linacre! Hope you’re all well and loving every day 🙂 x

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