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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yes, I’m afraid I just can’t let this last 24 hours go by without a record on my blog for prosperity…

Yesterday started just like any other normal day, I went to school at 8am and discussed the weather and the snow as usual… There was the odd mention of snow storms, high winds etc but nothing much really so I thought nothing else of it. Dave went down to Malmo with Cassie for the day to Thomas’ pet shop as he does once a week.

On my return home at lunch, I took Milly out for a walk, and I noticed then the wind was getting up and the snow was starting to fall yetnagain. As I walked around the garden I noticed that it was very deep snow, infact, I reckon it was the deepest I’ve ever seen snow in all my years. But I didn’t bother to take anymore photographs of it, because, well it can get a little boring I think! Just a nice memory for me, so I thought as I walked round with the snow overflowing the tops of my wellies, and Milly struggled to get through some parts. There’s been snow on the ground here since December 15th… and it’s now Feburary. We had a couple of days where it melted quite a bit and you could almost see the grass tops, during the time Lian and Pete came to visit. But since then it’s just got deeper and deeper again.

As the afternoon progressed, the winds got strong and the snow continued to fall… to the point where it was coming horizontally!

The evening came and I settled in the house, waiting for Dave to come home about 8pm.

At 7.30pm I thought I’d let Milly out for a toilet break, and to my amazement I couldn’t open the door. The snow was blocking it. Eventually I managed to force it open, and noticed something amazing. The storm had blown the snow across the courtyard in drifts, that were easily up to 1meter deep in places! *sorry for using the word ‘courtyard’. I cant think what else to call it, it’s the square cobbled area that is inbetween the 4 sides of the house and stables. Sounds too grand to be a courtyard, but, it’ll do for now. Anyway, I had to go out a couple more times that night to keep digging out the area next to the door way so that I wasn’t completely snow in! I also tried to go down and see how deep it was down the main driveway that leads to the road, but realised again it was coming over the top of my wellies and I was struggling to walk through it, especially as the wind was still pelting the snow in to my face.

Dave called me and said that the roads were extremely bad because the snowplough’s couldn’t get the snow off the roads fast enough before it was settling again in huge drifts. The advice on the radio was don’t travel! Even if he could get on to some sort of main road, he’d never make it to our isolated road, which I saw just 2 cars on all night! And our driveway would be impossible to get up, even with snow tyres on the car, it was deeper than the tyres themselves! We’ve been driving quite happily on 10cm or more of snow for a week or more now, which with the snow tyres has been ok. But this is a whole different story.

So Dave decided to try and get to his brothers apartment and stay there for the night with Cassie rather than get stranded coming out here.

This morning, I woke up, and the snow had stopped for a while, so I’ve been out and shoveled tonnes of the stuff, to try and see if I can get the car out for tomorrow. Obviously I had to call the school and say there was no way I could make it today.

However, the storms have come back as the morning has progressed, and it’s coming down like you can’t believe again, with the wind behind it whistling around the house so I’ve come back in for a rest and to hopefully see if it’s going to stop soon. I managed to snap a few photographs of it, which I hope you can see the scale of it all properly below.

The area just as you step outside our doorway into the coutryard...

Looking to the left from the doorway. The snow here was maybe 50cm, and with the extra I've shoved is now about 1meter or more high

Looking to the left from the doorway. The snow here was maybe 50cm, and with the extra I've shoved is now about 1meter or more high

Another shot form the doorway down toward the driveway.

The area I've cleared to try and get the car out

The courtyard area I've cleared...

Another one here showing the van, with a clear path to turnaround and get out of this area onto the driveway...

From the driveway into the courtyard area. You can see the drifts where I've still not cleared, nearest the front

The main driveway down to the road. 100 or so yards length of snow, mabe 1 to 2 foot deep.

Another one...

And another one... this has all got to be shovelled off before we can get the car out! 🙁

So there you go. It’s now snowing heavier that it’s done since we arrived in Sweden I think, and I’m sitting for the first time not thinking “ooh look at the snow”, but rather “oh shit, this is getting quite scary!”.

It’s 11am. So if you read this, PLEASE do a rain dance or sun dance or something, so that this bit of a fun ‘crisis’ doesn’t end up becoming something worse. I’ve not much food in the pantry, so maybe I should call for a helicopter? Get CNN to come and film me being airlifted off the roof screeching “hhhhheeeyalp me, heeeeeyalp!!”. Hmmn.

And they said that the snow was ‘quite similar’ to the UK when I was inquiring about emigrating here! Doh.

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