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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Like a complete fool, due to my sick doped up state, I’ve just accidentally dropped my mobile phone in to my cup of morning tea! 🙁

What a complete and utter cluts. I was just about to text a reply to a friend, when the phone slipped out of my fingers. Before I could react, it was deep inside a full cup of tea. After fishing out the mobile I realised it had switched itself off (or died?). So I’ve taken it to pieces and put it on top of the radiator, said a little prayer, and now I’m waiting to see if it revives itself later on today after a period of drying out.

The ridiculous thing is that, only a year ago, I did exactly the same thing when I was in work at my desk… I was standing over a cup of tea, and fiddling with my phone (this was a different phone to the one I’ve just killed)… and yes, I dropped the phone directly in to the mug full of hot tea. That phone did survive after some drying out, but, it never fully recovered because the ‘zero’ key was stuck on, so all my text messages read something like “Hi0000000I’m000000 J00000on” and so on.

Well, that’s me phoneless for a while. So there’ll be no new photos on facebook or my blog for a while sadly. And if anyone is awaiting a text reply from me, then unfortunately I will be unable to send it. We’ll have to use email instead.

Just off to bang my head against a wall for 5 minutes…. bye!

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