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Friday, February 5, 2010

Okay, so perhaps I exaggerate a little with the title, but, the last blog post I wrote whilst sitting here in the dining room of my house with the snow coming down in buckets, and the wind whistling around the house…. I was worried that I’d perhaps have to be rescued by helicopter from the the roof!

That didn’t happen.

After a few hours, the wind died down, the snow stopped, and the following day, we had a clear bright sunny day. The snow was shoveled some more, and we also helped the neighbour with his, and then life went back to normal. The car could be driven off the driveway, and the amazing Swedish snow clearing staff had managed to somehow clear all the snow off the roads. The scenes that remained though were quite fantastic in places. I haven’t managed to get decent photos of it all, because I was driving, but on exposed roads, the snow piled up all along the roadsides was about 2meters high, which felt strange because it was taller than our van!

One really great thing too is that they have mini snow ploughs for keeping all pavements and walkways clear too. So pedestrians can move around freely too, despite there being several feet of snow around them.

I was also extremely impressed by the council who had massive skylifts, stretching over the roads for the last two days, as they have been removing huge thick long icicles off the building sides. Presumably, because if one fell off and hit a pedestrian, it would kill them! The icicles were easily 1, 2 maybe 3 meters long. Incredible. I tried to snap a photo of this morning whilst driving to school, but it was too blurry as I used my mobile phone and I couldn’t stop the car…

The snow has been so deep since the recent downfall, that the dogs, especially Cassie, haven’t been out to go out for a proper walk around the gardens. So as we’ve shoveled and cleared each area, they’ve been soooo happy to run free again. It was amazing to see them and I caught a few piccies of it….

Whilst I mention the dogs, I thought I would also include this short video clip of Cassie. Today when we went out, the snow had started to melt a little, enough for her to be able to get around the garden by walking in the footprints I had left behind. It was a struggle but she managed. The melting snow had also become very dense, so she could walk ‘over’ or ‘on’ it if she trod carefully. This video clip shows how she managed to get through it, and just what a struggle it was…

HOW CUTE?!?! Bless her.

I also decided to have a photo next to the mound of snow at the bottom of our driveway that met the roadside. And some photos of the freshly walked in snow, which was upto and beyond my knees…. Just so that I can look at back it in Summer and remind myself just how deeeep it was.

Deep huh!

Finally, whilst I was out and about, I snapped a few more piccies of the scenery and views from the garden.

So there you go.

A very happy and scenic ending to a horrible snow storm.

Whilst I am a little sick of the snow now, I do think that I’ve been really fortunate to see it like this, for such a prolonged period of time with NO RAIN all winter. Just freezing and snowy. But lots of clear sunny days in between. It’s been the coldest winter for 50 years here in the south of Sweden Dave tells me. So there’s a good chance I won’t witness anything like this again… Hence all the photos.

Hope I’ve not bored ya to death with snow, if so, then sorry. It’ll all be gone soon I’m sure.

Roll on spring 😀

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  1. Jayne Shaun & Alex says:

    Oh how lovely! Bless 🙂 x Alex loved the video so sweet!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks chaps, hope you guys are well! 😀

  3. Steve says:

    Good video of the dogs. Can’t believe how happy they look. They must be loving it as much as you guys.
    Keepi it up
    Ste 🙂

  4. Anthony says:

    Glad to see you survived!! I spend a lot of time in Smäland (near Växjö) and have spent 3 winters here now with this one being by far the worst!! I think if I sat through this when I first got here I would have gone home!!!

    Great blog by the way


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