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Sunday, October 11, 2009

For what feels like EVER, I’ve had a crappy cough and cold and I’m today I’m sick of it. So I’m wondering… hmmm could it be Swine flu?! Well I doubt it. But, I’m a man. And I like to think that at least I have man-flu! I think later I’ll be doing my dying swan impression on the sofa, with steamed buckets of water, all the cough and cold remedies available to man, tissues stacked around me, ten blankets over me, and lots of vocalising to highlight just what pain I’m in. If not, then I’ll be working my butt off in the house trying to get some order to the chaos of all my belongings still in boxes following the recent move. Perish the thought, me working with this deathly flu!

We’ll see. But anyway, I thought I’d just dedicate this blog post to my long lasting cold, and hope that whoever reads this sends me good vibes so that I’m cleansed of this evil.

[cough cough, sniff].

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  1. Tony says:

    You poor thing. Hey missin you Son, Bit worried about you tho. Lets look at the facts!

    You have a white van
    You are dribbling over new power tools!

    I fear you will be servicing the local female Swedish community with Jon’s Odd jobs.. No job too big or Small – any offer considered. 🙂 xx

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