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Friday, February 26, 2010

Just a quick post to say how gobsmacked I am at the recent performance of the blooming Pound against the Swedish Kronor. It wasn’t too many months ago that one could get 13 Swedish Kronor for every £1 (June 2009), but now, it’s at an incredibly lousy 10.90 kronor!! I just can’t believe it. It’s the lowest it’s been for years and years… well over 10 years in fact. Back in 2001, you could get almost 16kronor to the £1!!

Why am I so frustrated about it?

Well, since I emigrated to Sweden, the value of the pound against the Swedish kronor has just gone from bad to worse, and therefore I have been unable to move my money from the UK into Sweden, because I’d ‘loose’ a LOT of money (compared to what the average / normal rate usually is). As such, we are having to borrow money from relatives/friends in Sweden so that we can buy things to renovate the house and start the new business, until such a time that it is economically viable to bring the money over. Everytime I look, I think… “It cant get much lower, it should improve soon”, and then low and behold it gets worse!

So, I’m in exchange rate hell just now.

PLEASE all, cross your fingers and wish for some kind of miracle so that I can move my money over here and settle….

ps – For those who want to see a cool website showing all sorts of facts/figures, including the above exchange rates, try out Woolfram for yourself. It’s quite clever…

UPDATE!! 1st March 2010

Well I can only say that the wishful thoughts haven’t worked thus for to try and improve the rate for me… The rate currently stands now at 10.71kr to the £!! INCREDIBLE. How much worse is it going to get?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let something happen to get it back up to the normal 12, 13kr rate!! ASAP!

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