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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So, it’s been so long since we didn’t have snow on the ground that I’m now getting rather excited to see something other than freezing temperatures and snow… even the thought of a bit of rain is filling me with some joy, because then it might melt the snow at least!!

Whilst I’ve loved this extra special snowy cold winter on the one hand, it’s also caused us a few problems and delays. The main problem has been that the renovation of the barns outside have ground to a halt. Basically there’s now so much rubble in the barn, that we can’t do anymore work until it can all be removed, wheelbarrow load after load after load. We’ve been unable to do this for weeks and weeks now because of the constant deep snow and ice which has blocked all the pathways from the barn to the area in the garden where we’re piling the rubble. As such, I’ve been watching the weather forecast constantly for signs of change, for the smallest glimmer of hope that the snow will melt enabling us to continue with the barn renovation.

Today, I’ve just looked at the weather forecast, and, if it’s right, then we could be in for a blistering hot day on Friday… about 7 degrees! We’ve not seen it that warm since November, in fact it’s only been above zero a couple of times since then, and that was perhaps just +1 or so.

For prosperity, I’ve taken a snapshot of the forecast here…

As you can see, the temperature looks set to rise, and even a couple of drips of snow rain could fall to help speed up and wash away the snow!

FINGERS CROSSED EVERYONE… we could be in for the big thaw any time now.


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