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Saturday, December 5, 2009

I haven’t posted for a few days, so I thought I’d just share this photograph that I snapped this morning when I caught Betty, our new house kitten, laying in her favourite fruit bowl. I recently emptied the bowl of fruit and put it on the windowsill. Within a day or so, Betty located the bowl, and decided she would use it as a relaxation chamber!

I wonder how many more weeks she’ll be able to squeezer herself in to it? She’s about 16 weeks old now, so, I’m guessing a few more weeks and she’ll be hanging out of it!

Betty in glass fuit bowl

Betty has been with us just a couple of weeks and after a little introduction training with the dogs, she’s settled in perfectly. She was a house warming gift from Dave’s sister, Lottis, and she’s absolutely fantastic. Funnily enough, she’s just like a dog. Comes and sits on your lap for a kip, loves to cuddle and be with people, and her favourite game is to chase, carry, and bring back her toys! Incredible. She can play fetch all morning and not get bored.

Only problem now is that she’s worked out how to scramble up the Christmas tree! Very annoying when it took me a couple of hours to decorate. So the dining room is currently out of bounds for her until Christmas is over and the tree has been removed.

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  1. Si says:

    Great photo Jon !
    More pictures please …. not just of kitty but everything.
    Complete with your comments ……. I really look forward to reading the next installment every day…… its like a soap!
    Keep twittering too !

  2. Jayne Shaun & Alex says:

    A Kitten! Annie will be very jealous she loves pussys!

    We went out with Ann and Ian last night for a lovely meal.
    A new restaurant called Nonna’s – fantastic but expensive!

    Hope you’re looking forward to Christmas – it won’t be the same Christmas Eve without you both.

    Lots of love XXX

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