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Monday, April 26, 2010

Unbelievably, despite living here in Sweden for over 6 months, I’ve hardly actually seen much of my local area. The main reason for this is that we’ve had so much work to do since arriving, that it’s been almost impossible to take time out for much else. The things we’ve seen the most have been DIY stores, supermarkets, and our own little renovation project for the business.

So, today, since the sun was shining, my teacher at Swedish School decided we would go for a walk around some of the cute areas of our local town… Eslöv.

I must say, for a small little town, I was very impressed. Once again, some parts reminded me of my old town back in England, such as Queens Park in Chesterfield. I’ve only really seen the little market and shopping area of Eslöv before today, and that’s pretty much like any other small town… nothing to write home about. But, just a minute or two walking beyond this, and there’s some really nice buildings, houses, churches, and a lovely open park with playing fields, a lake, and trees and walkways. Really sweet and really well kept.

One odd little part of the walk was a trip to see the “Stenberget”. I wasn’t sure what to expect, because translated the name means Stone Mountain… I knew that there were no mountains in little Eslöv, but I couldn’t imagine anything other than a huge mountain of stone. Which wasn’t what I saw when we got there. Basically, it’s a few hundred or so local rounded stones, man-made into a circlular path that spirals up four or five levels. haha. Not really a moutain! But I suppose it’s a little different, to have stuck in the middle of a town.

The history of the Stenberget dates back to 1887, where a rich local man, who they called “The Eslöv king”, built his house of stone and the stones that were left over were used to make this little mountain. We walked up to the top, spent a few minutes looking around – but there wasn’t much to see because it’s only a few meters up, and then walked back down and on our way to the local park.

In the park was something else that caught my eye. Sweet little place with a bench, a small stream with a wooden bridge, and a plaque which said “Minnesplats för husdjur”, which means “a place to remember our pets” ish… How cute. There are candles next to the little stream which you can light, and sit and think about your pet which has died, and I think I heard my teacher say that there are gravestones just behind it too. Awww. So sweet.

Finally we walked around the small lakes or large ponds. Which was nice and reminded me a little of Queens Park (Chesterfield). Apparently next Friday, 30th April, there will be a bonfire which will be lit in the middle of the lake. This is part of another little tradition in Sweden which I will try to post a blog about next week after I’ve experienced it and hopefully got some photos. On the same lake, in the middle of winter, they play icehockey and let people iceskate!! I wasn’t aware it existed until today, so I dont have any photos of this from last winter. Maybe I’ll pop down there next winter and snap a few pics… but that’s a long way off thankfully! Lots more summer photos to come before then we hope.

One final little cute thing in the park, which I didn’t get a photograph of, was the little tooth fairy tree. This is a small little tree where the local school kids can hang their teeth when they fall out, for the tooth fairy to come and make their wishes come true. You don’t see the teeth, that would be vile, no, you just see brightly coloured little parcels hanging on coloured string allover the tree. Sweet.

So that was that. A nice little walk in and around Eslöv. Ooh yeah, we also popped in the church. Which was very impressive, extremely well kept!! But I didn’t get any photos of that, or learn much because I was chatting to a friend at the time. Oops. Not like me to be chatting!

Here’s the photos from the day….

(Click on the first image, and a poppup of the larger photos will appear with left and right arrows for browsing each image….)

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