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Thursday, May 27, 2010

We recently went to Lund to see the huge cathedral there… very cool. It’s supposed to be built sometime around 900’s / 1000’s I believe, so it’s pretty old, and very very big! I snapped a few photo’s whilst I was there (below).

Rumour has it that it was built by a giant! ?? “Jätte Finn”…. there are photos of the giant in below… aparently he shrank in size though when the church was finished, for some reason, which I’ve forgotten now.

Our guide was obviously talking in Swedish, so I didn’t get everything she said… but if you want to know more, you there’s a good old wikipedia

If you ever find yourself in Lund, it’s worth a visit to the “domkyrka” (cathedral)… a pretty cool building. Don’t get too excited if you fancied going up the large towers though; they’re not open to the public sadly.

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