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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today, as part of a school trip, I visited Eslöv’s small museum.

I wasn’t sure what to expect for such a small little Swedish town, but, it wasn’t that bad really. Okej, they didn’t have much on display that wow’d me, but, it was a nice little place. Pleasantly presented, and didn’t give you the impression of being run-down or needing funding.

The most interesting part of the visit for me was that there were several items on display, which I actually recognized, because I have the same items in my home! It was becoming almost boring at some point, because as we progressed around the tour, I was thinking to myself “oh, we’ve gone one of those at home just the same”. Our old house was full of stuff when we bought it, which the previous owners had left behind. Some of it junk, but some of it probably not. After what I’ve seen today, I’ve realised that even some of the items don’t perhaps have much of a re-sale value, might be worth taking down to the museum and see if they would like them… rather than throw them out!

So, if any of you find yourself in Eslöv, Sweden… you can find the Museum here…

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