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Saturday, June 5, 2010

So summer is well and truly here in Sweden, plus 20 degrees everyday, blue skies, little wind, and the whole place has burst into colour. At last.

Apart from the usual work, we’ve also managed to have some great days and nights outside. I now understand why Swedes seem to grab every single opportunity to get outside in the summer. Because winters are so darn long and cold, that this warm and sunny stuff just has to be taken advantage of!!

In school, we have lessons outside on the benches whenever it’s warm… all meals are basically outside and often involve the suggestion of bbq’ing, and so on.

Last night, we decided to go to the local park in Eslöv just a few minutes down the road from us. I went before once with school, and it really is lovely. But it’s even nicer on a summers evening. It’s nicely busy, but not packed, with folk enjoying the evening sun, bbq’ing, playing outdoor games, and generally just enjoying themselves. You can drink booze there, light camp fires, take your music, and there’s no one telling to you what you can and can’t do. People just seem to behave normally, enjoy it for what it is, and then leave. I simply couldn’t imagine the same thing in the UK. There seem to be too many restrictions about not lighting fires, not drinking booze in town centre, and well just the idea of trouble starting as soon as people sat round with music and games etc.

One thing that I was really impressed with was the lovely open air dance floor. Which was occupied by a huge group of locals all doing a spot of some sort of ballroom dancing I think!? No tickets, no hassel, no trouble from the local kids… just everyone enjoying themselves. It was soooo sweet. I managed to capture a little on video so lets see how they came out…

The dancing went on all night, and I dont think they stopped until about 10.30pm, not bad for all the oldies! haha. I filmed that last bit of the dancing as we walked by on the way back to home, so you can see it was too dark for my camera to cope with 🙁

You can also see on the video the hedgehog which popped over to us whilst we were playing games… he was about 5 or 10 meters away, so cute. Just came to say hi then popped back.

One of the games we played was called Kubb. It’s really common and originally comes from Sweden. It’s really good fun for a group of people. You can see from one of the photos in the short film that we’re playing it, throwing lumps of wood around on the grass. Anyway, it’s my new favourite game! 😀

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