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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today has been very productive.

Door and frame after removal from wall

Door and frame after removal from wall

I decided to get up and start clearing the kitchen out, ready for some demolition. I was sick to the back teeth of the sight of apples, so, all thoughts of baking behind me, I turned myself from domestic goddess in to Bob the Builder, or more accurately, Don the Demolition man.

First things first, the door and frame came out.


Followed by removal of the plaster from the block-work.

Plaster being bashed off the blocks

Plaster being bashed off the blocks

Smashing off the plaster was rather tedious. Good job it was only a relatively small wall!!

Wall down... yahooo!!

Wall down... yahooo!!

Next, out with the big hammer, and bash those blocks out!! 🙂 Grrrrr. If you look closely you can see the lighting and sockets electric cables that were running through the wall. Luckily I considered these before I started, and turned off the mains.

All rubble removed... dogs allowed back in room

All rubble removed... dogs allowed back in room

The rubble took for ever to remove. So I’ve now got a pile of blocks outside the kitchen door, and 6 large black sacks full of rubble and plaster. Not sure what to do with them yet. I wonder where the nearest tip is? Perhaps I should’ve investigated that before I started?!

Photo from different angle following removal of wall

Photo from different angle following removal of wall

Finished. All that’s needed now is for the dust to settle and all the worktops and surfaces to be wiped down

And wow, had I forgot just how much dust knocking down a wall creates!! Yes. It seemed to take me forever to wipe down, and re-wipe, and yeah wipe again. Hoovering, mopping, wiping. It gets EVERYWHERE!

Oh well, now that’s knocked down, the planning of the new kitchen layout can start. Hmmn, no room for an island, DAMN, but, hopefully room for a double fridge freezer 🙂 Fingers crossed. OK, so, out with the 3D home planner software to start planning the layout… From demolition man, to architect….

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Comments (3)


  1. Liz Smith says:

    Will be fab Jon when it’s finished especially with a DOUBLE fridge/freezer lol ours is only single fridge/freezer but we do have another one in the garage so we nearly have a double one ha ha. xx

  2. Louisa Gunnee says:

    Wow, what a lovely big kitchen you have now, can completely understand why you did that, makes so much sense… Ooo get you with a double fridge/freezer :0p. xxx

  3. admin says:

    Well, yes Lou, the double fridge freezer is only a dream…. so it’s not quite “get you” yet. It’s more like “Santa, please get me”!! 😀

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