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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This evening I was able to have an early bonfire night… Yey!! Even though Sweden don’t really have Bonfire night as we do (obviously), I thought I might have my own little bonfire anyway out here! 🙂

The reason for today’s bonfire was that today I’ve been cleaning out one of the rooms in the barn all day. It used to be a wash room or something by the looks, but lately it’s been used to feed the farm cats for the past few months, so it stinks of cat food and cat pee, and is quite grubby. They’ve now been evicted to the work area scruffy side of the barn and booted out of the nicer side.

Thanks to the help from Lottis (Dave’s sister), we’ve cleared it all out, ripped out the smelly old wood furniture, mopped and bleached the floor and walls, and cleared it all out. Sorted.

Note to self: Next time we’ll have the bonfire further away from the barns! It suddenly got a little large at one point and I had visions of the 200 year old dry wood in the barns going up in smoke if a stray burnt amber happened to float to close!

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