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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thought I’d just add a quick post, for those still following my little blog…

1. The Swedish For Immigrants classes are going ok. I’m learning new stuff all the time, although I keep thinking it’s going slow, I do surprise myself when I can understand more and more of people’s conversations. So it must be working it’s way into my thick skull slowly. I might master it by the time I’m too old to bother conversing with folk.

I’m off school for a week this week, whilst I focus all efforts on getting the barn redevelopment work underway. Much has been done already, but, there’s still a LONG way to go before we’ll be ready.

2. Exchange rate blues. You may have read a couple of my previous posts about the really crappy exchange rate between the weak £pound and the relatively strong Swedish Kronor. Well the situation just seems to go from bad to worse, and it’s now at an all time low since well over 10 years ago. This means, sadly, our money is stuck in the UK until the situation improves as we cant afford to ‘loose’ that much money moving it over just now… The knock on effect, we’ve almost run out of money here in Sweden to do anymore renovating. So, things aren’t going quite as swimmingly as we’d have hoped, and we’re asking everyone to go to bed and say their prayers for us that the exchange rate improves SOON so that we can move some of our savings over from the UK, FAST.

3. We’ve done little more with the house, since we dont have the funds just now. But it’s remaining relatively warm and dry, and I’m getting used to the 50’s style décor and general shabby look, without the chique! Hopefully later in the year, if we’re lucky, we might be able to start on the kitchen and work our way down the house.

4. Weather. Finally a couple of weeks ago the snow melted, and we now have green grass, snow drops, and amazingly colourful crosuses. We had a couple of days where you’d have thought you were in southern europe, or at least in the middle of a good Swedish summer… lovely warm winds and glorious sunshine. Sadly, it didn’t stay and the cooler winds and odd rain shower ruined it. But, at least we have no snow. So we’re happy.

5. Business. The new business is slowly taking shape, and we’ve got a few things planned for next month, including a training evening in a large pet-shop in Malmö, plus some private customers. We’re also planning lots of things for when the barn redevelopment is complete which is going to be really cool (we hope!). So we’re really looking forward to lots of new challenges over the coming months as far as the business is concerned.

6. Missing home? Erm, I’m not missing home as much as I thought I might have, but of course, I do miss my lovely friends and family. Thinking of everyone, on a daily basis, and hoping that I get to see lots of you sometime soon if you visit Sweden, or, when I come back home for a visit…. I shall also look forward to meeting up with the Colonel Sanders, in his restaurant… KFC!!! Which I’ve missed incredibly. And to eat some proper food, such as Fish & Chips, Salt & Vinegar crisps, and English cooked Chinese take-away.

That’s all for now, just a quick catchup for you.

I’ll try to make the next post more interesting.

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Thanks, Jon.

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