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Saturday, September 11, 2010

So it looks like autumn 2010 has started. Today it’s cloudy, misty, and there’s a chill in the air. The forecast has rain on and off for the next few days. So I would say that Autumn has arrived in Sweden.

Can’t complain though. Summer has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve had more bbq’s and days out in the sun this summer than I did for the last 10 years put together back in the UK!

We really achieved lots of jobs too this summer toward the house and business renovations. The dog training hall was finished – finally! Classes start here in just a couple of weeks. We’ve exceeded all expectations for demand too. Just a small newspaper ad’ in the local press on top of our regular Google advertising, and we’ve got 7 classes per week fully booked ranging from puppy school to adult dogs all training in the hall. Really exciting and a great relief that the investment, time and effort that we pumped into this business idea/dream looks like it’s finally going to pay off and work.

We also managed to finish off the installation of two new doors to the house. This was one of the first projects we started last autumn (after the dormer roof was fixed) and because we’ve custom built the doors it’s taken some time! Then we got delayed by the long hard winter and the training hall project. Finally however, last weekend, we worked 3 days solid and got the doors in. And they’re great. Warmer and more secure! Perfect.

We’ve also managed to keep on top of the garden / jungle, although sadly we’ve not made much of an impact there because we dont have the necessary machinery. There’s small chance it could happy during autumn, which would be nice, but I’m not convinced we’ll have the time. During winter I think the ground gets too hard to dig, so it might have to wait until next Spring.

The signposts for the roadside have also been made, and one for the outside wall of the training hall. Just waiting for some nicer weather the next couple of days before we put them up!

On top of all that, we’ve managed lots of parties, visiting, and discovering places in Sweden and the nearby sites.

To sum it up, I’ve loved summer.

Let just hope Autumn turns out to be a nice warm and not-to-wet one, and winter isn’t too long! Although I’m looking forward to some snowy, cold, dark nights cuddled up on the sofa to be honest. Winter has it’s plus points! Just not for 6 months this time please!

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