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Monday, November 2, 2009

autumn tree1There was a time, just last year, when Autumn jobs meant trying to finish of old projects at work that had been hanging around my in-tray from my less productive periods during the summer, and discussing which venue we should book the work Christmas party at this year….

However, things are different now. Now it means, preparing for the Winter months, sweeping up leaves (and lots of them), clearing out barns to make space for DIY’ing indoors rather than out on the garden, and getting window rubber seals renewed on the house windows…

By the way, the photograph to the right, I took on my mobile phone whilst walking down the driveway to check the postbox. It was about 3pm in the afternoon, and the Autumn sun was just shining on this tree perfectly. It was shining like gold, amazing. The photo isn’t ‘touched up’ at all, it’s exactly as it came out from the camera… Ah well. Just thought I’d mention it.


leaves1 So, I decided to sweep the leaves from the driveway. Previously in my old house in England, this would have taken me aproximately 4 minutes. So I figured with this driveway being a little larger now, it might take me an hour.

How wrong I was. FOUR HOURS later, and about 46 wheelbarrows full of leaves later, I still hadn’t completely finished. I’ve never seen so many leaves. Wow, back breaking work for what I thought would be such a simple little job. Well at least I know now for next year… either set aside the full day so that I don’t have to rush, or, get someone else to do it. 😀

In Sweden you’re allowed to have fires without problem, but, as with all things here, there are rules attached. Only between certain months, and some things cannot be burned. Leaves are one of the items that are not supposed to be on fires. So, I put all 46 wheelbarrows-full back into the soil, spread around the various borders and wasteland areas.

muckinout-1 Another job that needed doing was to clear out the ‘workshop’ part of the barn for doing future DIY projects indoors, as it’ll be too dark and too cold to do them outdoors now. Unfortunately, the previous owners of the house used this part of the barn for keeping animals. So the floor was coated in straw and muck.

As such, before it was usable, we had to chip off the top layers of dried on much with shovels… slow and dusty, smelly work.

Then out came the pressure washer to try and get rid of the rest that was ingrained into the concrete. This was not so much hard work, but the smell of the muck really came out once it got wet!! Ewww.

muckinout-2Finally, sealing the windows on the house with fresh rubber seals. I’ve done one window. Just another 26 windows, each of them containing two window openers, so that’s 52 individual window frames to clean and seal. 🙁 It has to be done though, because at the moment, when it’s windy outside, you can actually feel it blowing ‘through’ the house!

After that, it’s time to think about fixing the leaks on the stable roof before we can do anymore work in there…. So today, I’ve just blown 3,000 krona (£250.00) on a set of ladders – 8meters high! Of all the boring things to spend 250 quid on, ladders!! I can think of about one hundred other things I’d rather spend that money on. How annoying. Ah well. As Dave says, “at least we’ll never need to buy another set of ladders now”. Great. Anyway, these will be used to lay on the slope of the roof. Then I intend to borrow some scaffolding (from Dave’s dad’s friend) to enable me to get onto the roof from there. Not looking forward to that!!

So, almost ready for winter….

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