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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So I’ve been in Sweden 1 year… on the one hand it feels like only yesterday that I was loading up the truck to emigrate. Where as when I look back at everything I’ve done, it’s been a long year!

I just thought I’d pop something on my blog to mark the occasion and update it with what’s been happening.

The new doors are in on the house. So hopefully it might be a tad warmer this year, although there’s still no floors in the kitchen so I think that’ll keep us nice and cold for the winter period!

Even better however, the indoor dog training hall is now open and operational. We help our first set of 3 classes on Sunday, which was exactly 1 year and 1 day after we moved moved in here. Not a bad achievement. We’ve got about 50 people per week training their dogs with us now in our group classes, and Dave is also keeping busy with the odd private lesson and problem solving case. So things are going to plan on that front.

Slightly less positive news, unfortunately the exchange rate just goes from bad to worse for the £. So our finances here are pretty lousy still with the majority of our savings stuck in England… earning next to no interest in the bank and being valueless here. As such, work on the house (apart from the doors which we actually had already purchased) has ground to a halt. Just have to wait it out now. Could be a long long wait though looking at the British economy. All I need is a couple of days run on the pound to give me chance to get it all exchanged though, so fingers crossed something happens SOON!

Well after 1 year of bloggin, and trying to keep semi-regular posts about what I’ve been up to, I still feel happy that I made the right choice emigrating from the UK to Sweden…. I do miss my friends back home terribly, but, after I’ve had a visit here from them or I go back there for a week, I feel boosted again to continue here for some more months till the next time. So that’s all good.

All in all, it’s been one hell of an exciting year, certainly never boring, and one which I don’t regret at all! Just think, I could still be sat at my office desk moaning and wishing away my life yearning for Friday 4pm to come.

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  1. Steve says:

    Wow Jon, can’t believe it’s been a year already. Cool.
    The teaching room looks brilliant, certainly beats being stuck behind a desk. Hopefully not too long into next year I will get all the kids sorted with passports etc. and then you can get ready for a visit from the Smiths and we will expect the full tour etc.
    see ya later

  2. Anni says:

    Very amusing to read! As Im a sweed, from Skåne, Helsingborg, now for the second time moved over to Britain even if its this time just for a shorter period…on an exchange. Your list of reasons to move to sweden made me a bit homesick for the first time here now…! Did you know that Eslöv was stated sweden most booring towns..can you confirm that?

    Lycka till med ditt andra år i Sverige, hoppas det blir lika övervägande positivt som ditt första verkar ha varit! :o)

  3. Kerry Latham says:

    Hi Jon,

    Have just stumbled across your website as we are trying to decide where to emigrate to from England, and my husband fancies Sweden. Could you possibly email me so I can ask you some questions about it? It’s hard to find many Brits who have moved there, most go to Australia/ NZ/ Canada!

    Kind regards,

    Kerry Latham.

  4. jane says:

    Please write some more! I want to know how the classes are doing, and your web designing, and the house, and the dogs…

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