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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I’ve been to a couple of supermarkets now and noticed that apart from the layout, many food items are familiar to me from UK supermarkets, such as Findus frozen foods, Heinz baked beans, and even good old HP sauce!

A couple of things however have surprised me. So much so that I felt the necessity to snap a couple of pictures of what I saw. If I dared to look around whilst taking photos of food items in the supermarket, I expect I was getting some odd looks. But hey, I’ll have to get used to that being a foreigner.

Firstly, after all these years of ‘ketchup love’, I’ve finally found a ketchup that’s just for me… “Johnny’s Ketchup“. How perfect. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, but there it was, stacked high form floor to ceiling, clearly they stock a lot due to it’s immense popularity, my very own ketchup. Unfortunately finances being what they are, I didn’t feel the need to make a purchase to see what it was like… So I just took this photo and decided to sneak a look in the pantry of friends when I go visiting to see if I can find anyone who actually eats it!

My second food surprise of the day, was rather different. I was closely examining the contents of the cold meat counter, looking for any thin sliced cold cooked meats that weren’t actually smoked (which I’ve grown to realise is almost impossible – everything is smoked other than ham, which, is actually my least favourite of cooked cold meats). Then I came across this package…

“Hamburgerköt”, which is hamburger meat. I though, ah ha, maybe I’ve found sliced cooked beef, and it’s not smoked?! So I took a closer look at the label (click the image above to see a larger photo), because I was assumed that hamburger meat was beef, but you know what assuming can do! The primary ingredient of the ‘hamburger meat’ was actually “hästköt”, HORSE MEAT! I almost gasped out loud when I realised. There it was, in plain Swedish, amongst the ham, turkey, chicken (all smoked!) – horse meat! And they called it Hamburger meat! Which made me even more worried, because I’ve actually eaten a few hamburgers in Sweden, so I wondered then, have I been unknowingly eating horse?! I mean I knew Sweden was a nation known for it’s love of horses, but I always assumed that meant in the caring for and sporting sense… not eating them slapped between two slices of bread.

So I need to do some more investigation of this, and I’ll probably write more when I understand what’s happening here. I feel some McDonald’s research coming on!!

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