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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yesterday we happened to be traveling to yet another DIY shop in Helsinborg to purchase some strip lights for one of the outbuildings. Yawn. However, to cheer us up and make the journey worthwhile we stopped off at a roadside caf’ for a snack. In Sweden this usually involves hot-dog (like the ones from Ikea), or hot-dog-sausage with mashed potato on a plate. Yep, a bit weird, but you get used to it. Occasionally you get beef-burger or kebab as a choice too.

At this particular place however we saw on the menu of the side of the van, “Fish and Chips”, written in English. This was a first, so, we had to find out more. Dave asked the lady if it was proper English-style Fish and Chips, quite excitedly because he knew how much I missed them… see responded something along the lines of ‘yes, absolutely’, so with much skepticism we ordered a portion.

Here’s what we got…

Swedish Style Fish and Chips

Swedish Style Fish and Chips

Haha. English style?!

These were as far from English style Fish and Chips as Ikea Hot-Dogs are from English style proper sausages!

The yellowy dollop at the top isn’t Mushy Peas! Oh no. This is remoulad sauce. Which I never had until I moved to Sweden, but it’s generally served with Fish here.

The chips, like all chips from these take-away places in Sweden, had some kind of spicy paprika cajun mix thing on them, as opposed to Salt and Vinegar. And, as a friend recently pointed out to me on Facebook, also missing was ketchup and or Gravy. The chips were just frozen chips from a bag, and the fish, well you can imagine from the photograph just how far away it was from a real English chippy.

So that was that. My slight excitement about hoping to have found a proper Chippy in Sweden soon ended and life in Sweden went back to normal…

If anyone knows of a proper UK style chippy in Sweden, do shout up, and comment below. I shall make it my mission to sample them, and of course, snap a photo for the blog too! 😀

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