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Friday, October 23, 2009

apple pickingPhew. I’m shattered. Been cooking for a couple of hours making huge vats of bolognese, beef stew, and “äppelmos” (like the filling to an apple crumble, served warm with cream). So now the freezer is full of yummy food for a while to keep things to keep me going whilst working on the house!! Yes, I’m feeling much better than I have for the last few days, so work has started again.

It all started by me going outside this morning, with the dogs, to collect a few apples. After 10 minutes, I’d collected about 100 apples and though, hmmn, “now what shall I do with these”?! So out came the pots and pans and I got in a cooking mood.


apple filling

Problem is, I made two large pans full of äppelmos, and by the time I’d done, I was totally sick of the sight of apples…. thinking I’d done a great job, I washed up and started on the beef stew and the bolognese. Admiring the huuuuge Tupperware pot of äppelmos that I’d made. Then I turned around, and saw there were still about 70 apples sitting there untouched! 🙁

So, now I’ve got a stack of apples, sat in my kitchen, waiting to be ‘processed’ into something… unless I get them all washed up and in a basket and go to the neighbours with them. Well, I’ll see. For now, I’m just happy that I’ve had a product food cooking evening and got it all in containers and frozen for later in the week. So efficient….

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