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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One of my apple trees

One of my apple trees

I was walking down the drive, and decided to test a couple of the apples that are bursting off the trees at the moment. I’m no apple expert, in fact without a sticky label on the side, I’m pretty clueless. I can just about tell a good apple from a bad, but that’s it.

Well one of the apples I tried had blood red skin. Okay, so this isn’t so unusual I know. But, when I bit in to it, the insides were actually a pinky/red colour! My initial reaction was that it was a bad apple. So, I decided to try another, and it was exactly the same. The taste was really really sweet, almost perfumed. I was really surprised, because I’d never eaten or seen a ‘blood’ apple before. I’ve had bloody oranges of course, but blood apples, never.

Blood apple?

Blood apple?

So I wondered. Does anyone know of such an apple? Are they common? Or have I got something unique growing in my garden that I can either (a) get the local news team down to cover? Or, (b) make money from it?! I suppose there’s always (c) there very common and worth nothing! Not even a blog post!? Hmmn, we’ll see.

If you can offer me any information, particularly any apple lovers out there, then please leave a reply below.

Thanks… I’m waiting….


UPDATED 15th October

So I had an email from Louisa (thank you!), and found myself soon looking at this video… which might go some way to describing where my apples came from. I am guessing my ‘blood apple’ is more correctly called a red fleshed apple, and is probably a combination of the one show on this video and a traditional sweet tasting apple. But I doubt I’ll ever find out quite what variety it is, since the guy who planted all the amazing flowers and trees here has sadly passed away.

Yum yum. Apples. Borat land.

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Comments (6)


  1. dan says:

    red flashed apples are pretty rare jonners, altho you can buy the actual trees commercially from some nurseries. how they have ended up on your drive i don’t know!? maybe the previous owner had a thing for rare fruit varieties? they’re generally considered to be sweeter and healthier than your average white flshed apple cuz of the higher percentage of flavanoids. i suppose it’s the same principle as to why beetroot and most other red foods are good for you. you never know, you could be sitting on a gold mine.. especially as red fleshed apples probably arn’t that well known in your part of the world.

    (i knew my culinary expertise would come in handy one day 😉

  2. admin says:

    Cheers Dan. Sounds like you know what you’re talking about. So ‘pretty rare’ must equal money for me somewhere along the line!? Surely?! 😀

    So second questions is, can you freeze apples?!?! Anyone know the answer to that? There must be around 500 apples on the trees here spread around the gardens (not all of them red, lots of different kinds by the looks)… it would be such a waste for them all to drop on the floor and rot!

  3. Liz Smith says:

    I used to make apple purée when the kids were babies and just starting on proper foods and I used to freeze it but not sure about whole apples. Steve and I have seen a couple of programmes ie river cottage and hairy bikers where they investigated apples and I seem to remember them showing a blood apple. xx

  4. Timba says:

    j,s why not make some cider so we can drink it together when i come and see you xx

  5. Julie Allen says:

    Hi Jon Sorry for late reply re cooking of apples (just returned from Caribbean). David’s mum and I peel them, thickly slice them, pop into a pan with just a little water. Pop a couple of table spoons of sugar (or Splenda if you are watching figures) and just cook very gently for a very short time, just until the apples feel a little soft. Pop into a freezer bag and you have the start of an apple crumble or lovely apple sauce for pork etc. Pink apple sauce, sounds fun, could serve with pink champers eh! Will e-mail soon xxxx

  6. dave says:

    I recently saw these “blood apples” in a local park here in cornwall, may get up the guts to try one……

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