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I've had a music article / tutorial published

I’ve had a music article / tutorial published

Sunday, July 18, 2010 No Comments

Just a quick note here to those who may be interested, I recently wrote an article for an online magazine, and part one of it was published this week. You can find the article here… Seven Steps To Writing Memorable Melodies – Part 1. Parts two and three will be published a couple of weeks [...]

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Making elderflower pop

Making elderflower pop

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 1 Comment


I thought i would just pop this photo online as i stand here making elderflower pop. Lots to be made and frozen for the rest of the year. We’ve already made lots and lots of rhubarb pop which is piled up in the chest freezer. So with some luck, we’ll not need to buy any [...]

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Summer update...

Summer update…

Saturday, July 3, 2010 No Comments

Summer in Sweden

So I’ve not blogged for a little while, things have been so busy and on top of everything, I managed to get a rotten stinking summer cold. Which kinda knocked me off my feet for a week. But that’s just about done with now, so time for a little blog post before I go outside [...]


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